• Okuma Artics RTX

Okuma Artics RTX

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Overview Model SKU Price Qty
Okuma RTX-25 FD 7+1bb Okuma RTX-25 FD 7+1bb 46228 179.00лв.
Okuma RTX-30 FD 7+1bb Okuma RTX-30 FD 7+1bb 45594 179.00лв.
Okuma RTX-30S FD 7+1bb Okuma RTX-30S FD 7+1bb 46229 179.00лв.
Okuma RTX-35 FD 7+1bb Okuma RTX-35 FD 7+1bb 45595 189.00лв.
Okuma RTX-40 FD 7+1bb Okuma RTX-40 FD 7+1bb 45596 189.00лв.
Okuma Artics RTX-65 FD 7+1bb Okuma Artics RTX-65 FD 7+1bb 48145 269.00лв.
Okuma Artics RTX-80 FD 7+1bb Okuma Artics RTX-80 FD 7+1bb 48146 279.00лв.

• Extremely light weight C-40X carbon frame, sideplate and rotor
• Carbonite drag system for smoothness and durability
• 7BB SUS stainless steel ball bearings
• Quick-set ant-reverse roller bearing
• ALG: Precision AlumiLite alloy main gear and oscillating gears
• Machined aluminum, 2-tone anodized spool
• Precision Elliptical Gearing System
• Light weight EVA handle knob
• Hydro Block watertight drag seal
• RESII: Computer-balanced Rotor Equalizing System