• Maximus Ichiro

Maximus Ichiro

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Overview Model SKU Price Qty
Ichiro 180 cm   2-9g Ichiro 180 cm 2-9g MSI18L 99.00лв.
Ichiro 180cm  1-7 g Ichiro 180cm 1-7 g MSI18UL 95.00лв.
Ichiro 220cm  2-9 g Ichiro 220cm 2-9 g MSI22L 120.00лв.
Ichiro 200cm  1-7 g Ichiro 200cm 1-7 g MSI20UL 109.00лв.
Ichiro 200cm  2-9 g Ichiro 200cm 2-9 g MSI20L 115.00лв.

The new budget series of Ichiro rods will please all fans of fishing with ultralight gear. All rods of this series have very sensitive tips and Medium-Fast action blanks to guarantee excellent feedback and casting accuracy. The blanks are made of high quality IMF carbon and fitted with ultralight AT-GUIDES, placed in accordance with K-Guide System concept. The split handle design helps to reduce overall weight of the rod, at the same time increases its sensitivity, and improves balance. The sensitive tip allows feeling even the most careful bite and the blank has a sufficient margin of power to handle any hard jerks of a large predator. Perfect balance and considered design help an angler to make very accurate casts, ‘read’ the bottom relief and enjoy retrieving.