• Brand: MAXIMUS
  • Product Model: New

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Overview Model SKU Price Qty
 Maximus HIGH ENERGY-Z 24ML, 2,4m, 5-20g Maximus HIGH ENERGY-Z 24ML, 2,4m, 5-20g NEW MSHEZ24ML 252.00лв.
 Maximus HIGH ENERGY-Z 27M, 2,7m, 7-35g Maximus HIGH ENERGY-Z 27M, 2,7m, 7-35g NEW MSHEZ27M 272.00лв.

The main task in creating the updated series High Energy-Z was to bring it to a new technological level, and the engineers obviously succeeded in it. Being made of the same material as the previous generation, the new rod turned out on average 12% lighter, whereas the thickness of the blank remained the same. The engineers decided not to paint the blank, they used lighter and smaller guides and equipped the rod with a split handle. As a result, they have achieved some weight reduction and more accurate blank performance. The residual oscillations after casting have practically disappeared. Now the blank recovers instantly, its action becomes more “fast”. The blank is made of high modulus HME carbon fitted with K-frame SIC guides placed in accordance with the advanced K-Guide System, and equipped with the unique reel seat. We would like to draw your attention to the latter component, because its design is unique. All the details were made streamlined and have no protrusions or sharp edges, which is extremely convenient for anglers’ hands. The split-grip handle is made of dense fine-pored neoprene (EVA). The High Energy-Z spinning rod is capable of performing many different tasks and copes with them very successfully.

  • Material: High modulus HME carbon
  • Fast Action

  • Reel seat
  • Warm Reel Sea
  • Ergonomic design
  • Super Sensitive System

  • Guides
  • SIC guides
  • К-Guide frame
  • Antitwisting Tip
  • Tangle Free construction
  • Micro guides (Mini Guide System), ultra-lightweight, single foot
  • K-Guide System

  • Handle
  • Ergonomic design
  • Lightweight split-grip handle
  • Material: EVA