PL Cross Grip-Trek Shoe Low Cut 44/9


All round low cut trekking shoe offering excellent sole grip on uneven ground!• Super..

PL TraX Boot New Green sz 45 - 10


Tough, great looking winter boot in new green ProLogic colour• Strong outer fabric in..

SG Saltwater Tee Long Sleeve

starts at 89.00лв.

• High soft quality 100% cotton in 190gsm• Sun & UV Protective fabric• Classic fit wi..

SIE X-Trail Wading Shoe Felt w/Detach. Studs 46/47 - 11/12


Tough and modern looking wading shoe in colours matching all our Scierra breathable a..

Okuma Knitted Beanie One Size


NEW Okuma KnittedBeanieComfortable and warm knitted beanie with Okuma logo. • 100% ac..

Eiger Xtreme Winter Glove Black L Sale

Eiger Xtreme Winter Glove Black L



MW Cap- 03



Okuma Polo Shirt

starts at 58.00лв. 35.00лв.

POLO SHIRT Fresh and sporty looking Polo in durable fabric for the perfect Okuma appe..

PL Koi Carp Tattoo Tee

starts at 49.00лв.

New series of Carp Tattoo Tees inspired by Japanese drawing technique• 100% very soft..

R.T. Gloves Crosswater

starts at 32.00лв.

Neoprene glove tailor made to suit the anglers need for a glove that keeps the hand w..

SIE Sensi-Dry Glove

starts at 49.00лв. 33.00лв.

SensiDry• 100% waterproof and breathable • A very comfortable glove with superior fee..

Imax Oceanic Glove Red

starts at 39.00лв. 25.00лв.

100% водоустойчива дишаща материя...

R.T. Neo-Tough Sock

starts at 22.00лв.

Ideal for all kinds of outdoor useMade from thick neoprene providing excel lent insul..

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