About Us

Captain Hook is trader established as the leading fishing tackle trader in the country

With our experience and friendly knowledgeable sales team in the fishing trade plus the quality of the presented products, it's easy to see why we have become popular with our customers.

We love and insist on quality stuff. We import products from all over the world to offer you them at affordable prices. We are looking for manufacturers with quality control and design. Our goal is to offer as much as possible better quality products recognized and successful brands to fully enjoy your hobbies, sports and activities.

Captain Hook is behind team working over 20 years in the field of wholesale and retail and logistics. We manage warehouse for wholesale, 3 physical stores for fishing tackle and 2 online shops.

The goods we offer are available in our warehouse or they are goods which we expect to arrive. We do not offer pictures of the goods and do not rely on intermediaries to buy the goods. Behind the brands we represent, stand manufacturers with whom we are in direct contractual relations.

We try to keep constant availability of the items and at the same time to bring new and interesting things,


The team of Captainhook-shop.com